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    While the demand for material is increasing, declining ore grades are putting pressure on every aspect of your mining operation. Trust us to help you reduce costs, increase uptime and focus on safety to improve cost per ton.

    Driving continuous improvement above and below the ground

    Mining is a tough business and it gets tougher every day. Declining ore grades put pressure on all aspects of your mining operation, whether you're developing a greenfield site or working an existing mine. In an industry where uptime is critical, we'll help give you the confidence you need in the efficiency and safety of your operation.?

    Join trusted experts and learn to manage cybersecurity risk

    A world dependent on connectivity and electrification needs trusted environments. Join us for Cybersecurity Perspectives: the global forum and educational program showcasing the advanced tools and resources needed to expand your cybersecurity skillset.

    Read our latest white paper

    Providing plant operators with accessibility of real-time information can be a major challenge for design engineers. Read our new white paper - Experiences of a global electrical manufacturing enterprise: the journey to become industry 4.0 ready - presented at the 2019 IEEE IAS Pulp, Paper and Forest Industries Conference.

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    At every stage of the process, we can help you manage costs and capital, mitigate risk and protect people and equipment in your mining operations.?
    Energy savings with LED lights
    Energy savings with LED lights
    of costs are related to energy use
    of costs are related to energy use
    Downtime savings from LED installation
    Downtime savings from LED installation
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